Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Test Fights

Look at how hard this pure chet hits (chicken on the left)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Generation Battle Cocks

Introducing: Black /Spanish Black/ Jumper Lemon Crosses

Bacolod breeders introduce to the cocking world a new line of fowls that may dominate the pit. When I visited Bacolod this June, I was amazed and even impressed by the test fights of these feathered warriors. They are one of the birds that you can say have the complete package. They break awesome on the air and they sure fights hard on the ground.

Though I wasn't able to dig in to the roots of origin of these birds, one thing's for sure, they were imported abroad. I tried researching the net about these birds but I can't find any article about these birds. So I guess I'll be the first to introduce these to you.

Check out my gallery for the first batches of these battle cocks. I'll also post videos of test fights of these birds on my next post.

Author: Pantoy Catalina

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pinoy Sabong

Okay. So this pinoy sabong blogsite of mine is progressing. Again this site is created for the purpose of marketing Bacolod fighting cocks. But you may ask where are the chickens. Well not so in a hurry buddies. I'll post pictures of those birds in the following days. Come on. I've just created this site today. Another purpose of this site is to post helpful tips for sabongeros may it be in breeding, conditioning and fighting. I may be young as you may observe but you can't question my love for this game. I have read and done my fair share of researching any topics that have helped us in our backyard breeding in the past years. Hands-on experience was also on my side. Like I said, we breed and fight.

So you are asking about credibility. I say see for yourself.

Alright. So that's it for the meantime. Welcome to pinoy sabong!

TJT ACADEMY SEMINAR (Batch 25- 2008)

TJT Academy Batch 25 (2008) with Jen-Jen Ariata and Doc Teddy

Doc Teddy giving reminders on test fights

Batch 25 posing for a portrait

Jen Ariata discussing

Papz holding a red chicken

Posing at the work table

With Richard Lanier

With Richard Lanier and Doc Teddy Tanchangco

Classroom (farm somewhere in Cavite)